Sooji ki kheer – comfort food


This was one of the first foods introduced to baby A. considered a baby food by all (including me) I slowly started to appreciate the mildly sweet, smooth textured delight as a comfort food. It is now enjoyed by the baby and the parents too!

Ingredients –

sooji/semolina rawa – 2 tbspn

sugar – 4 tspn

milk – 2 cups

ghee – 3 tspn

ilaichi/ cardamom powder – a pinch (optional)

Method –

1. In a nonstick pan, add 2 tspn ghee and roast sooji in it till it gives out an aroma and turns pinkish in color.
2. Once sooji is roasted, add milk and sugar.
3. Let this cook on a low flame, stirring in between – lest lumps are formed.
4. Cook till you get the desired consistency. Add 1 tspn ghee.
5. Add the cardamom powder to add a wonderful aroma.

Note –
1. Remember that if you let this cool and use later, sooji will absorb more milk and tend to solidify. When desired to be eaten, reheat and add some milk if needed.
2. I usually roast sooji for an entire week in bulk and store it in an airtight container, so that I save time when I have to pack it to A’s daycare.


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