Parmal ka chiwda – healthy snack


This is a snack which mom prepares and sends across on every opportunity she gets, because she knows the exact starved state me and hubby N are in when we walk into the home in the evening, after a long day. All we have on our mind is food. This is the time when all our resolves about eating healthy just get buried under hunger pangs and we jump on anything that comes under our eyes – Haldiram bhujiya, baby A’s Oreo biscuits, Lays potato wafers. And once you got your hands in the wafers packet, you know how it goes – no one can eat just one!
Here is when this chiwda steps in – healthy, non oily, yet tasty – neither leaves you hungry, nor fills you up to the brim. My mom makes this all the time, and I do when she is not able to send across the quota 🙂

parmal ka chiwda

Ingredients –
Parmal/ Farvi/ Murmure/ Puffed Rice – 200 grams
Moongfali daane/ Peanuts – a fistful or as much as you like
Bhune Chane/ Roasted Bengal gram – a fistful or as much as you like
Jeera / Cumin seeds – 3 tspn
Salt – as per taste
Sugar – 1 tspn
Meeta neem/ Kadi patta – 3 branches/ 15-20 leaves, fresh and green
Green chilies – 4 slit length-wise
Haldi/ turmeric powder – 2 tspn
Oil – 2 tbspn
Haldiram bhujiya/ Indori sev – as much as you like (optional)

Method –
1. Take a thick bottomed kadhai/ Wok. Dry roast the parmal for 2 minutes in it, on a medium flame – we want them to become crunchy and not burnt. Keep them aside after this step.
2. Pour the oil in the same kadhai, heat to a good temperature.
3. Put in the peanuts and shallow fry them for 2-3 minutes in the oil. Make sure you don’t burn them, else they will get a bitter taste.
4. Remove the peanuts on a paper towel, so that extra oil is absorbed.
5. You should be left with about a tablespoon of oil left in the kadhai now. In this oil, add jeera and let it crackle. Add the green chilies, meetha neem leaves, haldi. After a minute, switch off the gas.
6. To this tadka, add the parmal, chana, peanuts, salt, sugar and mix thoroughly. I do this with my hands, the gas is switched off anyways.
7. Taste and adjust the seasonings (salt and sugar).
8. Add some Haldiram bhujiya or Indori sev to increase the ‘zing’ level, but this step is totally optional.
9. This can be stored in airtight containers for as long as a month. It is a perfect evening snack, tastes best with a hot cup of tea.


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