Chawal ka Paratha (made of cooked rice!)


My paratha stack!

Yes I did it again! I made parathas and when hubby N enquired about the ingredients, I did not know where to look. Parathas made of rice? No, not rice flour – that sounds totally alright. But out of cooked rice – that sure can raise a few eyebrows and I witnessed a pair of such raised eyebrows this morning.
Well , it happened so that I made some rice for baby A’s dinner. It was on the mushier side on purpose, as baby A often chooses to eat her rice sans any daal – only sugar suffices. I had a good quantity left, which went to the refrigerator. First thing I do every morning – open the refrigerator door and brood! (My mom says I should rather go out , look at the rising sun. But my argument stands that there is no sun rising at 4:45am and even if it did, it won’t help me prepare meals for the entire day. Suggestion turned down!). So! In the refrigerator sat this big bowl half full with cooked, mushy rice. I had to make parathas, a veggie side and three regular baby meals. The rice was not fitting in anywhere and I did not want to keep it there for another 8 hours. So I decided to be brave and make parathas out of the rice. Though I started with a bit of apprehension, the result totally amazed me! The parathas were soft as well as crispy – and the best part was – were not at all messy to roll out. No complaints from hubby or the baby – and I was a happy camper. 🙂

Dough Ready – see the rice sticking out?

My mom who is a regular listener of my kitchen adventures, says I am evolving into a paratha queen of some sorts, but I wish she browsed through the food blogosphere to see for herself – there exist real paratha queens – with more than 50 paratha recipes on their respective blogs…so that just makes me the queen in my own kitchen – and I am pretty happy with that at the moment. 🙂

Ingredients –
Cooked rice/ Boiled Rice – 2 bowls
Wheat Flour – 3 bowls
Salt – 1 tsp
Paneer – Half a bowl, grated ( optional – I have this habit of throwing it in, in any breads I make)
Water – to knead the dough (I dint need any)
Oil – to roast the parathas.

Rolled out paratha – ready for the tava

Method –
1. Take wheat flour in big bowl.
2. Add salt and mix. Add in the grated paneer, if using.
3. Now, add the cooked rice, two spoons at a time and keep on mixing. Add all the rice this way.
4. Keep on kneading and add some water if you think it is required. My rice was too mushy and I dint need any water.
5. In the final stages, add some drops of oil to the kneaded flour and keep it aside for 15 minutes.
6. Roll out parathas by applying dry flour as you would for chapattis.
7. Cook on a hot tava/ griddle till brown spots start appearing. Apply some oil.
8. Reverse and cook the other side. Apply oil on the other side too.
9. Once it is cooked uniformly, store it in the hot case or the plate waiting on the dining table. 🙂
10. Enjoy with curd/ a veggie side/ pickle of your choice.


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