Quick(est) Aaloo Tamatar


This is a quick fix – when I am short on both, time and ingredients in the fridge. It goes well with parathas or pooris and when served, looks pretty decent (does not give away the fact that you made this as you had not much alternatives). I have got a pretty elaborate recipe of the “aaloo ka rassa” prepared at my home in Indore, which involves boiling potatoes separately and sautéing tomatoes for a long time. But this worked well for lazy Sunday lunches, when there was a lot of time on hands. In my version, everything goes from the blender- to the pressure cooker- to the plate.
I don’t know from where did I pick this up, prolly hubby N might have made this at some point of time. I think if I jot down all my recipes on this blog, I will have to have a category “coached by hubby N” and half of the dishes I cook would figure there!

Ready to be eaten with pooris or parathas

Ingredients –
Potatoes – 3 medium (peeled, washed, cut into big chunks)
Green Peas – a fistful (fresh or frozen, optional)
Tomatoes – 3 medium or 2 big ( ripe, red ones)
Ginger – half an inch piece (washed, peeled)
Green chilies – 2 (stems removed)
Oil – 1 tbsp
Jeera, Rai, Ajwain – half tsp each
Haldi – half tsp
Garam masala/ Kitchen King masala – 1 tsp
Dhania powder – 1 tsp
Salt – as per taste
Sugar – a pinch or two

Method –

1. Cut the tomatoes into halves. Put them in a blender jar along with the ginger and green chilies. Blend it to a paste.
2. Take a dry clean pressure cooker. Put in the oil and heat it.
3. Once the oil is hot, add jeera, ajwain, rai and let them pop and sizzle for a few seconds. Add haldi.
4. Put the tomato paste from the blender jar and mix in the oil and spices. Let this cook till the rawness of tomatoes is gone and the deal starts to look shiny (the oil kinda oozes out). This took 10 minutes for me. You need to keep moving around the paste every few minutes, lest it sticks to the bottom of the pan.
5. Add the garam masala, salt, dhania powder and sugar. The sugar balances out the tartness of the tomatoes.
6. Now, add the potato chunks and peas (if using).
7. Add in water to make the deal watery. We need enough water as this will be cooked in pressure, but not so much as to make things runny. Use your experience and judgment.
8. Close the lid of the cooker and let this cook on a sim flame, upto two whistles. We don’t want the potatoes to turn into a mush.
9. Once the cooker cools down, open it and check the consistency. The tomatoes and potatoes should look like a single entity. If too watery, keep the cooker pan on a sim flame and let this cook in open.
10. Serve with parathas, pooris.


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