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Pineapple Halwa


While I come across n number of inviting recipes and food pictures while I blog –hop, there are certain ones which I am totally tempted to try as soon as the same evening or maybe the nearest weekend. The simple ones, I just make a mental note of, and do not bookmark them – assuming I would remember the steps in the short term. However, so it happens that weekends come and go – and I get so busy in cooking what I already have in my to-cook-queue, that these experimental one’s get pushed behind in my memory. Now, one of these is pineapple halwa, or rather sooji halwa flavored with pineapple – which I admired for its simplicity and a great way to incorporate the fiber and vitamin C rich fruit in baby A’s diet. Since she makes weird faces on tasting a pineapple slice (before rejecting it), she loves pineapple jam – so I deduced she would like this halwa. This was like 3 months ago. The idea came rushing back to my mind – when I saw hubby N coaxing baby A to have a piece of fresh pineapple, which he had acquired in the weekend vegetable shopping. I left whatever I was doing and dashed towards the laptop – to search for the recipe. Futile attempt! There was no way I could reach the exact same page, same blog that I read 3 months ago, in the ever expanding food blogosphere. Not ready to give up, I recalled and recreated the recipe in my mind and entered the kitchen with full resolve. Twenty minutes gone, and I was beaming with a bowl of glossy, melt-in-your-mouth soft halwa – flavored with pineapple. I thought of noting the recipe down ASAP – at least I will have it on my own blog to look up , next time :).

pineapple halwa

Ingredients – (I don’t use teaspoons and tablespoons for this one, just the same cup for measuring everything proportionately)
Sooji/ Rava/ Semolina – 1 cup
Ghee – ½ cup
Sugar – ¾ cup
Water – 1.5 cup
Fresh pineapple chunks – enough to make 1 cup of puree. Li’l bit less or more won’t hurt.

Method –
1. First thing, cut the pineapple to obtain chunks that are free from the hard, middle stock. Dunk these in some water and put on the stove on a low flame. We are trying to soften up the fruit, so as to obtain a smooth puree. Let this boil for 10 minutes. Discard the water. Blend the chunks in a blender/ mixer/ food processor to a smooth puree.
2. In a heavy bottomed kadhai/ wok, heat half cup of ghee.
3. Add the rava and roast on a sim flame, stirring continuously. Do this till the rava looks light, fluffy and gives out a roasted aroma.
4. Meanwhile, heat the 1.5 cups of water in a pan and dissolve sugar in it. It would be better if the pan has a long handle, I use the tea pan. Why? See next step.
5. Slowly add the hot liquid to the rava, stirring so that lumps are not formed. Add slowly and let the rava absorb all the liquid. Be very careful in this step – the gas is on, the rava is hot, the liquid is hot and things will spurt as you stir.
6. Keep cooking and stirring. When half of the water is absorbed, add in the pineapple puree.
7. More stirring, till the puree is incorporated well and the halwa looks glossy and fluffy.
8. Serve hot, with an optional garnishing of pineapple chunks.

Note –
1. Some people like the halwa with pineapple chunks. In that case, you can just roughly blend the boiled chunks rather than a smooth puree.
2. I think I also came across a similar mango sheera recipe too, which used mango puree instead of pineapple. Maybe that would be my next project.

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