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Versatile Paratha – for all leftovers!


A typical Sunday morning conversation in our kitchen –
Hubby N: So we got parathas (again) for breakfast today?
Me: Hmm..
N (lurking into the fridge): I will eat them with yesternight’s aaloo sabji. Where is it?
Me: Well, I made parathas out of it.
N (poking at the containers in the fridge): You did (again)! Ok..we also had half bowl of daal remaining..rite?
Me: Umm..the daal too is in the paratha… and also the two spoons of rice baby A refused to eat yesterday.
N (with both the fridge and his mouth ajar now): Did you spare the pickle (at least) ?
Me (smiling): Sure! Lets fetch the pickle and relish the everything-goes-in parathas.

versatile paratha – everything goes in

I donno when I started my obsession with these parathas – but I remember a stage when I used to spend a lot of time brooding in the mornings…looking at the leftover daals and sabjis in the fridge. They are usually a single or half a bowl, tough to re-heat and re-use. I started off with adding in the daal to the parathas and when the outcome was awesome-ly soft and yummy, I went a step further to add in the sabjis too. Adding rice was something I did for the first time for these parathas – and there were no complaints. This the best use I have been able to make from leftovers, making the parathas nutrient rich. Pretty versatile, there is no specific recipe I have for these, but still – the below steps give the gist of the making.

Ingredients –
1. Any leftover sabji/ side/ vegetable/ daal (Though there are no rules, common sense rules here.) While all daals work well, for the sides, the best candidates are aaloo tamatar, aaloo palak, lauki etc. Obviously, something like bhindi or karela can never be in.
2. Plain wheat flour.
3. Seasonings as per choice – kasoori methi, salt, ajwain, jeera, red chilli powder, garam masala etc.
4. Oil

Method –
1. Put the sabji and/or daal in a blender and blend for a minute, to obtain a smooth mixture. I do it always so that there are no chili or tomato pieces popping out of my paratha. The parathas in the picture got 1 bowl of leftover aaloo tamatar ki sabji, half bowl of toor/ yellow daal and nearly half cup of plain white rice.
2. Take wheat flour in a wide mixing bowl.
3. Add in the salt, kasoori methi, ajwain, red chilli powder, garam masala based on how spicy you want the paratha to be and the quantity of the daal/ sabji mixture. The mixture contains spices already, but they get diluted once added to the wheat flour.
4. You don’t need to add oil to the flour, there is some already in the daal/ sabji mixture.
5. Add the daal/ sabji mixture slowly to the flour to come up with a soft, pliable dough. You may or may not need to add water depending on the quantities you got.
6. Heat a tawa. Roll out parathas using a rolling pin and cook them one by one by applying oil on both sides, the way you would for a paratha.
7. Serve hot with chutney/ pickle/ ketchup or cool and pack for lunch.