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Welcome to the aroma of spices!


Aroma of spices – wafting out of the kitchen, an indicator of the passion and effort that has been put into food – not necessarily a delicacy, but a simple everyday meal on most of the days. Will hubby dear N gravitate towards the kitchen, away from his laptop? Will dear little A spit it out or gobble down spoonfuls? Will my eyes shine with the satisfaction of feeding my family and make me forget the sweat trickling down my back? So many questions, answered by – the look, the taste and most importantly, the aroma out of the dishes I dole out for a divided family – food obsessed me and hubby N and picky eater baby A. Hoping to jot down all in my little kitty (comprising of a diary in my kitchen shelf, hundreds of newspaper cuttings from my mom and the bookmarks saved in my internet browser), for me, my family, friends and for..umm..posterity!