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Potato Cheese Sandwich


A typical weekday breakfast, this sandwich is easy, quick and portable – I often eat it in the car, on my way to work. Sometimes, this one also helps me in my “fridge cleaning” activity a) to consume some bread lying in the fridge b) some boiled potatoes waiting to be used.

It is a very simple and forgiving recipe, and you can change the proportions of seasoning as per your taste.

Ingredients –
Bread slices – 8 (brown/ white/ any variety)
Potatoes – 3 medium sized, boiled, peeled and mashed
Grated cheese – half cup, I used Amul cheese cubes and grated them
Green chilies – 1, chopped to very small pieces
Salt – as per taste
Black pepper powder – half tspn
Butter – any ( I used Amul)

1. Cut off the edges of the bread slices using a knife. If you are short on time, skip this step.
2. In a bowl, combine and mix evenly mashed potatoes, grated cheese, green chili pieces, salt, pepper powder.
3. To assemble the sandwich, pat on the potato mix on a slice of bread, so that it covers the bread evenly. The potato layer can be as thin or as thick as you want. Keep another slice of bread above the potato layer.
5. Heat a tawa (preferably non stick) and roast the sandwich on both sides, applying butter, till the bread is crunchy and browned.
6. Cut to triangles using a knife.
7. Serve with tomato ketchup or green chutney.

You can play around all you want – add chopped onions, add a spoonful of chutney..just anything. Above is the most basic version that I am able to cook up on an ASAP basis.